Providing our customers with fast, excellent service is our number one priority at Combine Harvesting Solutions. Our expertise combined with professional, friendly guidance is available to deliver higher crop yield, grain/seed quality, and more efficient equipment.

We strive to offer the best service possible so you can get the most out of your combine header/platform and the highest quality crop yield. We are available to evaluate and solve your combine and header/platform problems:

Over the Phone

Through Email

On Location at the Farm

Our first attempts to resolve our customer concerns begins with a phone or email consultation. At this time we will thoroughly evaluate your needs and issues with the combine and header/platform.

A visit to your farm is scheduled before or during the harvest.


We offer classroom training on the harvesting functions of the combine header/platform. The functions are discussed in detail during the course. We are happy to answer any and all questions surrounding your combine equipment. Including combine harvesting, combine configuration, equipment parts such as concaves, sieves, thresher parts, and more. Classroom training can be scheduled with our consultant.

In-field schools are also available. Basic crop or material flow through the combine header/platform is discussed as well as basic routine adjustments of the combine header/platform set up. Please contact our consultant to schedule an in-field school.

Company Partners

Companies who use our services to increase combine efficiency, grain/seed quality, and reduce crop loss include:

Allied Seed Company (Alfalfa and Brassica seeds)

Andrews Farm & Seed Inc

Beck’s Hybrids

CA Alfalfa Seed Production Research Board

Cornerstone Farms, PB, AR

DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred Seed Company

John Deere Company

John Deere Dealers USA and Australia

Montana Alfalfa Seed Association

PEI Department Ag and Fisheries

Remington Seed

Sesaco Corporation (Sesame seeds)