Combine Harvesting Solutions guides customers on getting the most out of their combine configuration and harvesting. With honesty and integrity, we’re here to maximize the productivity of your combine, improve the quality of grain harvested, and reduce the amount of grain/seed lost.

We specialize in improving staple crops like corn, soybeans, wheat, barley, milo (grain sorghum), and rice, and specialty crops like edible beans/peas, sunflowers, canola, sesame, and grass seed.

Combine and Header / Platform Configuration

A correctly configured combine and header/platform is essential to getting a positive return on the investment of your valuable machinery. An incorrectly adjusted combine/header in the field contributes to excessive combine loss and lack of grain/seed quality.

At the same time, the amount of moisture in the seed and/or food crops like corn, rice, soybeans, edible beans/peas and sesame affect the quality of the harvested crop. Higher moisture content of the seed/grain means the combine harvesting machinery is less susceptible to damage it.

Combine Harvesting Solutions can help you achieve this and more. We assist in configuring and adjusting the combine and header/platform. With our services, you can:

– Maximize the productivity of the machinery and reduce the grain/seed lost from combine on the ground

– Improve the harvested grain/seed quality to maximize your income from buyers

– Reduce the cracked and broken grain/seed to lower cleanout cost in your storage bins